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ZPER is a 'decentralized P2P (peer-to-peer) financial ecosystem using intelligent contract technology. P2P lender companies and leading robo advisers have united to provide a revolutionary method of fund transactions between borrowers and lenders around the world.

ZPER is a financial ecosystem that utilizes Etherums technology that provides peer to peer transactions. Within this ecosystem, P2P lending and Robo-advisor companies can participate to provide services and provide solutions to securely fund transactions between borrowers and lenders around the world. The platform will form a financial model by combining the modern financial values ​​of P2P and asset data from around the world.

Thus, this platform will have the ability to transcend many countries and currencies as well as bringing conventional structures on a global scale. Briefly ZPER is a decentralized ecosystem consisting of individual borrowers, P2P finance companies, robot-advisors, investors and financial information providers that are transparent and global so that everyone in the world can participate to benefit.


Currently, centralized financial institutions such as the Bank have control over the services they provide to their customers, as they provide many conditions for borrowers, so it is impossible for many people to get services from the bank. And the Bank is actually the middle party that connects the depositor with the borrower. Mostly, the Bank only provides financial services for some people who can fulfill their requirements, such as people who want to get a loan from the Bank must have Identity and also a good loan history. In addition, in the lending provided by the Bank, the Bank earns interest on the loan. Zper has a different concept as it is the lender who will get interest interest from the loan given to the borrower. The ZPER lending platform will only benefit from the fees that apply to the borrowers and lenders. And the process of lending and borrowing transactions within the ZPER platform occurs in P2P where lenders and borrowers interact directly without any middle parties.

In addition, all the banks in the world have different interest rates, so with the ZPER can provide a fair environment and transparency because the same interest rate for all participants.


ZPER uses blockchain technology that can not be restricted by region, this platform will benefit everyone in the world.

Everyone in the world can interact and participate in this ecosystem, and create a financial environment that equally benefits all participants. Because borrowing and borrowing processes occur in P2P, then the lenders will gain greater benefits, as well as from the borrower will get low interest rates.

The user's investment portfolio will be under the supervision of robot-advisors with algorithms that help define investment risk to be low and diversify.

The ecosystem is also open to global businesses that plan to have P2P financial services, data providers and more. The ZPER platform will benefit many parties such as directly linking investors to borrowers, the exchange of information, portfolio preparation, loan management, risk analysis and secure fund transactions. ZPER will also provide benefits for Small and Medium Enterprises that need loans for their businesses.


Zper has brilliant team members that would make the project a success. The are made of experienced staffs that would take this project to the next level

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